Egoby Bio Picture

Raised in the 80s around pioneers of skateboarding and his brother, a HipHop Deejay, Egoby began analyzing every style of music possible in videos of extreme sports, video games and movies. In the late 90s and early 2000s, he attended DnB/Tech/Hiphop events and clubs purely for fun. In the mid-2000s, he started working in the music industry as a videographer/DOP/music video director and then began producing beats as a hobby. Along his journey, he met Bruno Sanchionni, a pioneer of trance music, which was an eye-opening experience that made Egoby realize his calling as a producer. He started releasing tracks under the name Boudha-K, but the name did not reflect his true nature and state of mind. In order to unleash his potential, he had to let go of his ego and embrace the fact that he had a lot to experience and learn. In 2021, while starting a new life in Barcelona, all of his plans were canceled due to lockdowns, and the situation forced him to rethink his lifestyle and purpose. That’s when he decided that sharing his passion for music would become his focus, and Egoby was born.